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Technical FAQs

Which browsers work with the NGC site?

The Web pages of NGC are best presented by the current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer External Web Site Policy, Mozilla Firefox External Web Site Policy, Apple Safari External Web Site Policy, and Google Chrome External Web Site Policy. These browsers render the site pages in nearly the same way. This site works with all browsers. The same content is available in every browser but the display of that content may differ according to the capabilities of each browser. NGC also recommends disabling pop-up blockers, since some content appears in pop-up windows.

The following browsers have been tested for compatibility with the NGC site:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows)
  • Apple Safari 6 and up (Macintosh)
  • Google Chrome (Windows)

How can another health-related Web site establish a link to NGC?

NGC welcomes links from appropriate Web sites to For more information, see the For Web Developers page.

What does NGC offer to system developers?

NGC has developed several tools for system developers interested in using the content on the Web site. See the For Web Developers page.

How can I subscribe to the NGC weekly e-mail or modify my existing subscription?

Users can subscribe, unsubscribe, or modify their subscription to the NGC weekly e-mail service using the subscription management utility linked from the Subscribe to Weekly E-mail page.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: July 15, 2016